EA Origin Access&Premier Early Access 2019-09-09 09:17:25

FIFA 20 - EA / Origin Access&Premier Early Access Start on Sep 19th

EA Access subscribers have the chance to play FIFA 20 first on Sep 19 with Ea Access on PlayStation4 & Xbox one, and Origin Access on PC.


What is EA Access or Origin Access?

EA Access is a subsription paid program exclusively for PS4 or Xbox one. Origin Access is for PC plattform.


With Ea Access or origin Access, subscribers can get the follow three main advantages:


1. Early access to the full game

Players can download fifa 20 earlier than others. But EA/Origin access (Xbox/PS4/PC) will have a 10-hour limit.Origin Premier (PC only) will have no limits.

2. Free access to games

Subscribers have free access to the fifa games.


3. Get 10% Discount on EA digital purchases,like fifa 20 , fifa points or else.

Players can buy FUT 20 Packs with 10% less.


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