All You Need To Know About TOTS 2019-05-13 09:18:10

All You Need To Know About TOTS What can you get from TOTS FIFA19? TOTS is the more exciting Moment for all the FIFA 19 Players, because that’s almost the last Chance to get best Players from the Event for their ULTIMATE TEAM. Tons of Coins is necessary for not only buying those Limited Packs and Join the Event, but also claiming those Amazing TOTS Special Player Cards from Transfer market. There for, IGVault is the best Choice for those player who want to spend less money but get the best Cards for their FUT. During this event you can get 10%coupons in your iGVault Acoouts. You can also win a lot of free FIFA Coins by taking quiz and free scratch cards on our website. What is the FIFA 19 Team of the Season ? Since FUT 12, that in every end of the season (European calendar), more exactly in May and June, Electronic Arts builds several squads based on the players real performances on that season. Unlike what happens with the TOTY, on the TOTS the players are chosen by their performances in the season and not in the full calendar year. Instead of releasing a single team, the Team of the Season is made by several squads, each one of a popular league or region. When the FIFA 19 TOTS promotion will be released? Starting May 10 with the Community TOTS, a new squad will be released every Friday to celebrate the best players from select leagues. Read more about TOTS at: Why should I choose IGVault? IGVault with their amazing Coins Service beginning from FIFA 14 is the best place for you to get more Coins for your TOTS. With a few Clicks, you may get all the Coins you ordered ASAP. Instead of playing 3000 Games, IGVault will deliver you 1,000,000 Coins just within 5 Minutes. Only at IGVault, you may enjoy the cheapest FIFA Points, FIFA Coins, also a lot of free FIFA Coins Giveaway and FIFA Coins account Giveaway. How Could I get Coins? IGVault had developed an epic Automatic delivery System to Transfer the Coins (Comfort Trade) or find your Players (Player Trade) automatically. Since FIFA 16 When the Automatic delivery System was online, IGVault had proved that it’s 100% Safe and reliable for all the FIFA Players. During the TOTS, you may also find not only countless Discount and Bonus by IGVault, but also lots of Giveaways, free Gifts and more. Enjoy those FIFA Coins, Giveaway and coupons only at IGVault!

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